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360 Virtual Tours - NOW AVAILABLE
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360° Virtual Tour Service

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Montauk-online.com is now offering 360° Virtual Tour services to Montauk Motels, Resorts, Restaurants, Realtors, Stores or other business and organizations who wish to feature their locations, properties, etc. in an engaging, interactive, virtual environment that is certain to draw more attention than traditional photographs.

360° Virtual Tours are NOT video, but rather an immersive environment which places the viewer in the middle of a scene from your location, and allows control to "turn" (pan) left or right and see the entire surrounding scene.

The interactive Java® technology used to display the Virtual Tours is compatible with all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, AOL plus more) and gives viewers a simple, easy-to-use set of controls, with which they are able to "turn around", looking to the left or right (or even look straight up and down) and zoom-in or zoom-out on objects in the scene.

The imagery used to create Virtual Tours is captured using specialized, state-of-the-art digital photography equipment, which is capable of producing final resolutions of up to 50 Megapixels for stunning clarity and color (unlike other lower quality alternatives).

360° Virtual Tours Formats:
  • Wide-Angle Format yields a full 360° Horizontal Field of View (F.O.V.) and approximately a 50° Vertical F.O.V. This option allows the viewer to "turn" all the way around to the left or right, and is well suited for outdoor scenes as well as indoor scenes of medium to large rooms, and is recommended for most situations.

  • Full Spherical Format takes the experience to the next level and allows the viewer to "look straight up and down" in addition to "turning around" by yielding approximately a 180° Vertical F.O.V.

    This option is recommended for smaller rooms (like bathrooms) or outdoor situations where the Wide-Angle Format would not allow the viewer to see all important objects or angles in a scene (because they are "too high" or "too low").

    For example, if a scene were captured in Full Spherical Format from the edge of a balcony, the viewer could "look down" at the scenery below, whereas Wide-Angle Format would only allow the viewer to "turn" (pan) left or right while looking out toward the horizon.

  • High-Resolution virtual tours can be produced in either of the formats listed above.

    This option utilizes data files holding 4 times the image detail used for standard resolution, which adds the ability to zoom-in extremely close-up on objects without loosing image clarity. High-Resolution is only recommended under special circumstances.

Questions and Answers:

How do I get a 360° Virtual Tour?
Please call 631-668-6402, or e-mail
to schedule an appointment
How much does it cost?
starting as low as $150 one-time setup and $4.95/month hosting (Wide-Angle Format, standard resolution)

Please see Rates below.

How long does it take to get a 360° Virtual Tour?
Turn-around time is typically 7-10 days
Do I need to have my own web site?
No, a link to your 360° Virtual Tour will be displayed with your Montauk-Online.com FREE Directory Listing, no web site is required
Can I use the 360° Virtual Tour on
my own web site (if I have one)?
Yes, Montauk-online.com will provide you with HTML code required to display the Virtual Tour on your own web site.


Setup Fee:
  • Wide-Angle Format - $150 / each
    Allows the viewer to "look around 360°"
  • Full Spherical Format - $295 / each
    Viewer can "look straight up and down"
    as well as around 360°
Monthly Hosting Fee:
  • Wide-Angle Virtual Tour - $4.95 each / month
  • Full Spherical Virtual Tour - $8.95 each / month
  • High Resolution (4X Image Data) - add 5.95 / month

    ( billed monthly; Visa, MC or AMEX required )

CALL NOW - 631-668-6402
- or -
E-mail to set up an appointment

Please E-MAIL us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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