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Recreation / Scuba Diving

Culloden Point

One of the more interesting scuba beach dive sites in Montauk, but a little difficult because it's a serious climb to get up & down from where you have to park, down to the beach, especially when you're carrying a ton of gear. Don't expect to see a ship wreck here either, the Culloden was burned to the water line and shifting sand bars obscure any remains. There are some exciting boulder fields in between large sandy plains where you can see Fluke, Flounders, Skates. Sometimes Striped Bass and Black Fish hang out near the bigger rocks closer to shore, and it's not uncommon to see lobsters. Be careful of lobster pots and the buoy and anchor lines. Tidal currents can be VERY POWERFUL here, so check tide tables and time your dives for when the water is not moving, which is also when the visibility is better... the incoming and outgoing tides have a tendancy to kick up a lot of suspended particles in this location. (Permits required for taking Lobsters and shellfish. Parking not permitted after dark)
Location:  Soundview Dr. - Montauk, NY

Fort Pond Bay

Nice walk in beach dive site. This is where Open-Water SCUBA classes are sometimes held by local dive instructors because there is a soft sandy bottom gently slopes down, and eventually drops off into very deep water, very fast. Because of its location there is generally not much current. Fluke and Flounder lay in the sandy patches and there are large mussell beds scattered all over.
Location:  Navy Rd - Montauk, NY

Montauk Harbor West Side Jetty

A favorite spot for sightseeing, as well as fishing, snorkeling and Jet Skiing, this site is an popular scuba dive site where you can walk in off the beach (near Gosman's). The jetties are made of piles of giant boulders, which extend out into Long Island Sound to about 20-25 feet of water on bottom that is a mixture of rocks and sandy patches. TIP: Tow a dive flag in this area because of high activity. Be careful of lobster pots (and lines) located near the jetties. Never enter navigation lanes. Permits required to take Lobsters and/or shellfish, check DEC and local regulations.
Location:  West Lake Dr. - Montauk, NY

Montauk Harbor East Side Jetty

Easily accessible scuba dive site, where you can walk in off the beach. The jetties are essentially large piles of giant boulders, which extend out into Long Island Sound to about 20-25 feet of water on a sandy plain. Expect to see things like Lobsters, Fluke, Striped Bass and lots of small fish when the water is warmer in the summer months. TIP: Be careful of lobster traps located near the jetties and never enter the navigation lanes used by boats. (Note: EH Town parking permit required)
Location:  East Lake Dr. - Montauk, NY

Hampton Dive Center

Yes, that's right... this is really the closest SCUBA Dive Shop where you can get your tank filled while you wait, or get hydro-test or visual inspection. They carry an excellent selection of top-quality equipment and have pretty much everything you could need for scuba diving, including regulators, tanks, BCDs, weights, wetsuits, hood, gloves, catch-bags, spear guns, underwater lights and lots, lots more. PADI Instructors, on-site, indoor pool for year-round Scuba Certification classes. NOTE: It is about a 100 mile round trip from Montauk to Hampton Dive in Riverhead.
Location:  369 Route 24 - Riverhead, NY
E-mail: scuba@hamptondive.com
Phone: 631-727-7578
Fax: 631-727-5409

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