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Montauk Volunteer Fire Dept.& Ambulance Squad

Montauk's own volunteer Fire Department & Ambulance Squad. An extremely skilled and dedicated group of caring individuals who have assembled and maintain the most state of the art equipment and skills for fire fighting, emergency medical care and rescue services, including search and rescue scuba divers.
Location:  12 Flamingo Ave. - Montauk, NY
Phone: 631-668-5695 or 911

Montauk Friends of Erin

The Montauk Friends of Erin is a Local Fundraising organization, which main goal is to support the St. Patrick's Day Parade and related activities. We have also broadened our purpose to include scholarships for our outstanding students along with sponsoring little league activities for boys and girls.

Mailing:  PO Box 499 - Montauk , NY 11954
E-mail: info@MontaukFriendsOfErin.org
Phone: 631-668-1578

Montauk Historical Society

The Montauk Historical Society is a privately funded, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of Montauk. The organization is responsible for the operation of both the Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum and Gift Shop and the Second House Museum as well as presenting craft fairs and other public fund raising events to support the continued preservation of the rich historical background of the area.
Location:  Montauk Hwy. - Montauk, NY
Mailing:  PO Box 943 - Montauk , NY 11954
Phone: 631-668-2544 or 631-668-5340

Montauk Playhouse Community Center Foundation

The Montauk Playhouse Community Center Foundation (MPCCF) is a vision born out of the resolve to preserve and maintain a cherished historic building of the Carl Fisher era while enhancing the "spirit of community" in Montauk by fostering inclusion, innovation and stability; and by providing to people of all ages opportunities for recreational, social, cultural, educational and human services. It is the dream of the MPCCF to establish a center dedicated to serving the needs of families by providing affordable services such as child and senior day care, indoor recreational activities, and a center for the arts.

Mailing:  P.O. Box 1612 - Montauk , NY 11954
E-mail: admin@montaukplayhouse.org
Phone: 631-668-1124
Fax: 631-668-1124

Concerned Citizens of Montauk

To preserve the environment and ecology of Montauk. To support and aid projects that preserve the natural resources of Montauk. To apprise the citizens and governing bodies of the necessity and duty under law to protect and preserve the water, land, air and wildlife of Montauk.
Location:  6 S. Elmwood Ave - Montauk, NY
Mailing:  Post Box 915 - Montauk , NY 11954
E-mail: info@preservemontauk.org
Phone: 631-238-5720

Montauk Artists' Association

The Montauk Artists' Association was started as an effort to broaden the already existing art talent in Montauk and to bring to all artists and could-be-artists, an avenue by which they could enjoy group art activites, receive art instruction and show their work. In 1998, the association acquired the Long Island Railroad's Montauk Station as our Headquarters. We have named the building the Montauk Community Arts Center because we are an inclusive organization and we welcome all who are interested in the arts.
Location:  Fort Pond Rd. - Montauk, NY
Mailing:  PO Box 2751 - Montauk , NY 11954
E-mail: montaukart@aol.com
Phone: 631-668-5336

Montauk Village Association

Serving Montauk by keeping the village "green". Planters, parks and pond environments maintained by the MVA. Questions about donations or membership. Call 668-2000

E-mail: mymontaukvillage@gmail.com
Phone: 631-668-2000

Montauk Community Garden

The Montauk Community Garden was started and is maintained by a small group of local volunteers. The group harvests fresh fruits and vegetables and donates all proceeds to the Food Pantry here in Montauk.
Location:  Montauk, NY

Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons

These are the people to call if you see birds or other terrestrial wildlife that is injured or in distress. A fully operational wildlife hospital with examination room, dietary preparation room, aviary complex, mammal complex, large waterbird enclosures with flushing swimming pools and a reptile complex. WRC needs volunteers and supporters! They are constantly upgrading the facilities to server the growing numbers of animals needing assistance.
Location:  228 West Montauk Highway - Hampton Bays, NY
Phone: 631-728-9453 or 631-728-WILD
Fax: 631-728-2409

Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation

The Riverhead Foundation is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of seals, sea turtles, whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Some of these species are critically endangered and may become extinct in our lifetime. All are protected under New York State, Federal and in some cases, International Law. The Riverhead Foundation is the only organization authorized by New York State to carry on this important work in conserving the marine environment. The Riverhead Foundationís Rescue Hotline is a 24-hour phone line the public may call when they discover an animal in need of our care.
Location:  467 East Main Street - Riverhead, NY
Phone: 631-369-9840 or 24-Hour Stranding Hotline: 631-369-9829
Fax: Fax: 631-369-9826

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