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Banner Advertising Services

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The "Targeted Rotational Banner Ad" service has been designed to provide a practical solution for advertisers in Montauk and the surrounding area who are seeking to increase their advertising exposure on the World Wide Web. High volumes of year-round visitor traffic on Montauk-online.com (produced by our high Google ranking for Montauk related searches), combined with Targeted delivery in our Directory and our exclusive local area advertising policy, allow you to cost-effectively place your banner ad in front of the right visitors and get more productive visitor traffic to your Web Site (optional). No artwork/graphics, technical skills or web site are required. There is no start-up cost or commitment and the low monthly service fee is billed to any major credit card.

Top Ranking on Google for Montauk, NYscreenshot 9/26/07

Instant access to Montauk-online.com visitor traffic analysis including # of visitors, # pages, # hits, visit durations, search engines, etc.

East-End businesses on Long Island operate in a unique, seasonally driven economy, partially as a result of dramatic seasonal climate changes and the areas close proximity to New York City and surrounding metropolitan centers, which make it easily accessible to millions by car, bus, train, plane, or boat. Eastern Long Island, the Hamptons in particular, is a favorite summer time getaway spot for the "wired" population of NYC. New Yorkers surf the Web on their wireless laptops, PDA's and cell-phones while traveling East on the Long Island Expressway in bumper to bumper traffic, or riding on the Hampton Jitney or LIRR. This fact alone makes the Web an indispensable advertising tool for businesses in Montauk and the Hamptons.

Additionally, the exquisite natural beauty and wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities the Montauk and the Hamptons area provides draws tourists and visitors from all over the world. As people in countries all over the world increasingly use the Web as the primary source of information for vacation and travel planning purposes, often times months early, it has developed into a crucial year-round advertising platform.



  • Use our Google ranking for "Montauk" related searches
    to drive more traffic to your web site & produce more business

  • Over 350 "Montauk" related Domain Names (DOT-COM names) pointing to Montauk-Online.com bring consistently high levels of visitors seeking businesses, goods and service in Montauk. Most of these domains direct people to the specific section of the directory or page of the site they are interested in. (Examples: MontaukWeather.com, MontaukFishingReport.com, MontaukMarina.com, MontaukBeach.com)
  • Targeted delivery places your banner in front of potential customers who are looking for your specific types of goods and services

  • Wider exposure than print advertising, which only cover a small geographical area

  • Year-round effectiveness allows you to reach tourists and visitors while they are making their plans and decisions, which may be weeks or months before traveling to Montauk and the Hamptons area
  • Links potential customers directly to your Web Site (optional)

  • Up to the minute Activity Report allows you to quickly & easily monitor banner deliveries and click-through traffic to your site from Montauk-Online.com 

  • Automated monthly billing to your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX ) saves you time and aggravation during the busy season

  • Sign-up Instantly online or call for fast and easy setup in 5 minutes by phone, no technical skills or artwork required


How It Works:

The "Targeted Rotational Banner Ad" system delivers your advertisement to your most likely potential customers by placing your advertisement in specific "Categories" and "Sub-Categories" of the Montauk-online Directory (usually where your Free Directory Listing appears.)

For example, if your primary Directory Listing location were the Recreation / Fishing / Charter Boats category, your banner ad would appear in rotation on the Recreation Category page, as well as the Recreation / Fishing Sub-Category page, and finally, the most specific Recreation / Fishing / Charter Boats Sub-Category page. So, your banner ads get maximum exposure in the places where is is most likely to be effective, rather than being haphazardly placed in front of visitors who may be looking for something completely different, like a Beauty Salon.

Alternatively, if your business were listed in the
Recreation / Bike Rental Category, your ad would appear on the Recreation page (in rotation with the example ad mentioned above) as well as the Recreation / Bike Rental page, but it would not appear on the Recreation / Fishing or subsequent pages that have nothing to do with Bike Rentals (unless these were added as an "Extra Sub-Category".)

As an added bonus, your banner(s) will also appear in rotation on our Interactive Map Pages when accessed from any section(s) of the Directory where your banner ad is placed as well as appearing in rotation on Our Sponsors page.

There may be times where it is appropriate to place an ad in a Category of the Directory where your business is not listed. Your banner ad can be placed in rotation under as many "Extra Sub-Categories" as required for an additional fee (see Rates). For example, your tackle shop business is listed in the Retail Stores / Fishing Tackle and the Recreation / Fishing / Tackle Shops categories of the Directory, but you also want your ad to appear on the Recreation / Boat Rentals page (because even though your business is not Boat Rentals, it is likely that people who are renting boats may need or want to buy fishing tackle.)

In addition to "Extra Sub-Categories", your banner ad may also be placed on any of the following pages for an additional fee (see Rates):

Each banner ad can be set up with 1 or more "rotation slots" in your Directory Listing Category. As visitors click into the Categories of the Directory, each new page downloaded from our server will display the next banner in the rotation sequence on that specific page.

For example, if there were three Lodging / Motels ads in rotation... "Motel-A", "Motel-B" and "Motel-C", visitor #1 to the Lodging / Motels Sub-Category page would see the banner ad for Motel-A, the visitor #2 to that page would see the banner for Motel-B, the visitor #3 would see Motel-C, then visitor #4 would see the first ad in the rotation sequence, Motel-A and the entire cycle repeats ( see Figure 1 ). In this way, it is guaranteed that each advertisement will receive an equal amount of exposure for each rotation slot.

Figure 1 - Example Rotation Loop

You may increase the exposure of your ad using multiple rotation slots.

For instance, if Motel-B (in the example given above) had two rotation slots, the rotation sequence would have gone as follows: visitor #1 sees the Motel-A ad, visitor #2 sees Motel-B ad, visitor #3 sees Motel-B ad also ( this is the second "slot" for Motel-B in the sequence), visitor #4 sees Motel-C, then the cycle repeats when visitor #5 sees Motel-A. By adding a second rotation slot the banner ads exposure is doubled for far less than double the cost.

Figure 2 - Example Rotation Loop

You may use multiple Banner Ad graphics to advertise different types of services, products, specials, etc. Each individual Banner Ad graphic must have at least 1 rotation slot. There is no limit to the number of different Banner Ad graphics you may have in your account. Rates are based only on the total number and location of the rotation slots assigned to your all Banner Ads in your account. For example, you had 1 Banner Ad graphic with 2 rotation slots, and 2 other different Banner Ad graphics with 1 rotation slot each, your monthly rate would be based on 4 total rotation slots (see Rates below)

After your account is set up you will be given access to a detailed Activity Report (click here to see a sample) which provides up to the minute information about your banner ad exposure and how many visitors have clicked-through to your web site from Montauk-Online.com.




1 FREE Banner Ad Graphic
(NOTE: you may submit your own Banner Ad Graphic
if you prefer. 440W x 80H pixels, JPG or GIF)

1 Rotation Slot - 24.95 / month

2 Rotation Slots - 34.95 / month

3+ Rotation Slots - 12.95 each / month

Extra Directory Sub-Categories -or-
Search, Events, Weather, Tide, & Pictures Pages

15.95 / month per rotation slot


Exclusive Banner Ads on a page or Category on Montauk-Online.com means your Banner Ad is the only one that appears on that page or Category to all visitors. This service may be available on specific pages (Reports, Events, Weather, Tides, Maps or Pictures).

149.95 / month

Banner Ad Graphic Design Service

24.95 / banner

Terms & Conditions
Rates and terms subject to change. Banner Ad graphics produced by Sunrise Industries International for use on Montauk-Online.com are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced, redistributed or used in any form outside the context of Montauk-Online.com without the express written permission of Sunrise Industries International. Banner Advertising services must be billed to credit card monthly to qualify for rates listed above.

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